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How To Choose Which Disco / Karaoke To Book

The following points are intended as a guide to the things you should consider when choosing the best roadshow for your function. Always discuss your exact requirements with the DJ / KJ you are planning to book BEFORE finalising the booking.

Music The most important consideration when choosing a mobile disco or DJ is the music that they have. A DJ specialising in 50’s rock and roll is not likely to be a good choice for an 18th birthday party, likewise a young DJ with no 60’s or 70’s music would not be suitable for a 50th birthday. If you are looking for a Karaoke the selection of backing tracks they offer will be an important consideration to assure a successful event.

Equipment It is important that the mobile disco or karaoke that you book has sufficient equipment for the size of venue that you have booked for you event. Always ensure that your DJ / KJ knows how big the venue will be and how many guests you are expecting. You should also ensure that your chosen disco or karaoke uses PATed (Portable Appliance Tested) equipment, this is an important safety consideration and some hotel venues may not allow the use of none PATed equipment.

Public Liability Insurance You should confirm that your DJ / KJ has sufficient (£1 million +) public liability insurance. This is important for your piece of mind and essential if members of the general public are to attend your event.

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